We are proud to use the latest dental technology to make your treatment

faster, personalised to you and top quality at better prices.

Our technology


Digital dentistry is the now and it’s the only approach that enables doctors to provide treatments with pristine accuracy and truly individualised. We use 3 Shape TRIOS Move for all our treatments to take digital impressions of teeth. The TRIOS is the only way you can accurately track changes in teeth while building a comprehensive patient library which indicates a preventive approach.

Some other key points are:

  •     FASTEST – Digital scans are the quickest and can provide information for more than just a case for a patient, instead of having to send away dental impressions to a laboratory in order to generate a treatment, Dr Maurer can create crowns same day via a milling machine. This means you are in and out in a couple of hours, with a tea break in between the assessment and fitting stage. This means no second appointment and no temporaries!
  •     EXTREME ACCURACY – By using advanced laser impression technology, dental reconstructions can be more precise than ever before and be made/changed on-site. This allows for the creation of treatment with patients next to you.
  •     TOP QUALITY – Digital restorations use advanced materials free of metals, that go along with the precision of digital scanning and natural looking design.
  • AMAZING AESTHETICS – Digital teeth design allows for accurate, teeth coloured restorations and the most personalised treatment options for natural looking, beautiful smile. Part of Smile design is being able to see a preview of what your smile can look like after the appropriated work is fitted. See video below.
  • VISUALISE THE END RESULT – With teeth straightening, you always wonder how it will look at the end of the treatment. With TRIOS you can get simulations of what your teeth will be like when straightened within minutes. See video below.

esthetically and functionally perfect restorations!

After scanning the ‘prepared’ teeth and designing the new work, we move on to milling it. We use the well-known Ceramill Motion 2 with 5 axes to produce any type of restoration needed, from very thin veneers to dentures. Depending on the case and material of choice, it can be followed by several cycles of firing in which we realise post-processing, staining and glazing.

We prefer to work with Zirconium – “Zolid DNA Generation Multilayered” from Amann Girrbach in order to deliver restorations:





We are proud to say ‘truly customisable work’ as there is no part of the production of your teeth that we don’t do.  Actively having a say in how your teeth turn out from start to finish, not having to wait weeks with ugly temporary work are a few aspects to consider when thinking if you would like to give us a call. This makes us one of the most efficient and valuable dental practices out there.