Sometimes known as a caps, crowns are carefully fitted sleeves that sit over an existing tooth to protect it from further damage, and to improve your overall smile.  

Why you may need a crown?

A tooth crown may be required if you have a weak or damaged tooth. This cap is fitted over the exposed part of the tooth, above the gumline to effectively keep together cracked teeth and prevent any further damage. It also prevents a tooth from any further wear and tear. A crown may also be fitted where there has been a substantial tooth decay and the filling is too large or there is not much of the tooth left after a root canal treatment. Crowns are aesthetical ‘shells’, they can cover discoloured or badly shaped teeth and are usually fitted over dental implants.

How is a crown fitted? 

It usually takes two visits, the first being an assessment of the tooth, surrounding area, including the root, an intra-oral digital scan of the area and in some cases a root canal may be required ahead of fitting a crown, if there is any trace of infection or inflamed tissue. The tooth underneath must be as clean and healthy as possible before the crown is fitted. If your tooth is in its original size, the dentist may need to file it down to keep your bite.

The digital scan will show an accurate representation of the dental situation that will allow for fully personalised crowns. You can see your crown designed in less than 2 hours and have a chat with the dentist about any final touches. Then it will get milled and prepared to be fitted in the mouth.

We offer SAME DAY TEETH as well as the traditional fitting of the tooth on a separate day at your convenience. It is our aim to offer the best services in an express timely manner. No matter what you will go for, you will not leave without a tooth. We will provide a beautiful temporary composite crown while your crown is being custom made.


  •     Be more confident in your smile
  •     Never be without teeth
  •     Have reduced anxiety levels on your appearance
  •     Feel happier within yourself
  •     Be more confident in business and social situations

What are crowns made from?

The crown industry is one of the longest-standing dental procedures, dating back to the 5th century and the ancient Etruscans, who used gold and silver to ‘cap’ problem teeth. Dental techniques have developed since then, and you can achieve same resistance as with metal in Zirconia.

The materials we work with:

  •     Zirconia
  •     Enamic
  •     Emax

Best results are in Zirconia as it’s the most durable and can be made to look exactly like natural teeth.

How long will a crown last? 

A permanent crown can last between five and 15 years, depending on your habits, lifestyle and oral care routine. Teeth grinding can put pressure on a crown, which could cause in the long term cracks and possible damage. If you know that you suffer from clenching or grinding, let our dentist know so he can provide you with advice and possible solutions.

How shall I look after my crown?

Your crown is like a normal tooth so you should keep up regular checks with the dentist and remember to continue to floss around the tooth.