Why might I need a bridge?

A bridge is a replacement for more missing teeth. It is a good solution if you don’t have many missing teeth, or if your missing teeth are all on one side of your mouth. It is important to replace missing teeth to prevent your remaining teeth from drifting into the empty space, as well as to restore the appearance of your smile.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is made up of two or more crowns that fit to teeth on either side of the gap, the anchors, along with a false tooth in-between which will be held up by the anchors.

How is a bridge fitted

The dentist will examine your teeth and jaw to see if you have strong enough teeth with good bone support then a bridge could be a great option for you. Then a full intraoral digital scan will be taken and in less than 3 hours your bridge will be designed and ready for you to see. You can go for our SAME DAY TEETH service and leave home with your permanent work all done in one session or choose to schedule another visit at a convenient time to get the final work fitted.

We make temporary crowns for all our patients that choose to have the permanent work fitted on another day.


  •     Be more confident in your smile
  •     Never be without teeth
  •     Have reduced anxiety levels on your appearance
  •     Feel happier within yourself
  •     Be more confident in business and social situations

What are bridges made from?

The materials we work with:

  •     Zirconia
  •     Enamic
  •     Emax

Best results are in Zirconia as it’s the most durable and can be made to look exactly like natural teeth.

How long will a bridge last? 

A permanent bridge can last between five and 15 years, depending on your habits, lifestyle and oral care routine. Teeth grinding can put pressure on a bridge, which could cause in the long term cracks and possible damage. If you know that you suffer from clenching or grinding, let our dentist know so he can provide you with advice and a zirconium bridge would be the best option for such a case.

How shall I look after my bridge?

You will need to clean your bridge and the false tooth or teeth it supports every day. Your dentist will show you how to use a bridge needle or special floss to ensure your bridge is thoroughly clean. To prevent damage, it’s best to avoid chewing hard foods and ice. By taking good care of your bridge, you can ensure it will last for many years.