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Hygiene services

Our aim as part of our general services is to prevent and treat gum disease, which is now a leading cause of tooth loss in adults. By including regular professional teeth cleanings in your oral routine, you can make sure to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Why do I need to see a dental hygienist?

Not only that regular dental hygiene services detect any oral health problems before they become symptomatic but also there is no electric toothbrush that can provide a professional deep clean.  

While to some it may seem a superficial service, a scale and polish will remove harmful plaque and deposits of tartar that, if left, can cause periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay. By making a hygienist visit part of your dental care regime you can stay one step ahead and avoid becoming one of the 19 out of every 20 people who will suffer from gum disease during their life.

What can I expect from a hygienist appointment?

The appointment will start off with an initial oral hygiene check up, followed by a ‘scaling’ procedure. Any build up of harmful plaque and tartar is carefully and gently removed from the surface of your teeth and around the gum line using scalers and curettes, which are specially designed tools to scrape away soft and hard deposits. Following a good clean and analysis of overall gum health, your teeth will receive a polish to remove any superficial stains. In cases where there is decay, a hygienist may apply fluoride or an antibacterial gel.